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About Us

Humanity was established out of an ideology to create a better world and assist the needed population, in a unique way by using a platform to raise mass donations actively. Humanity was founded by a quality and valued team who act in a way of life by helping to any association, organization or individual person who needs help, out of a desire to live in a better world.


Humanity has a team of managers and employees with high social sensitivity and caring, a team which sees helping others as first value and does everything in its power and skills to help and assist others.

Humanity was founded by persons with many influences, who specialize in leading optimal processes for raising donations in a variety of areas and activities, in order to create a more caring world that reaches out to others, both in routine and in times of crisis and difficulty. Humanity team does and will do as much as possible in order to create a better reality and life for each association, organization or individual person according to their needs.


Humanity management team has developed an innovative and modern methodology for fundraising which works actively and allows raising donations while creating a personal and direct relationship between the donor and donated. A tailor-made campaign is being made to the organization and donate, to enable and ensure of fundraising in the most effective and shortest time.

Humanity Vision

Humanity Core Values

Humanity is managed and works according to several important key values, which indicate the way it operates in raising donations. These values are a essential and important basis on which the company was established and on which its activities are based:

  • Helping to others

  • Reliability and Integrity

  • Doing social justice

  • Mutual responsibility

  • Contributing to the Community

  • Morality and Fairness


Humanity Goals

Helping and assisting each person, to understand and characterize the problem they are facing, and assisting them to solve and deal with it, in the most effective and correct way to solve their problems.

Creating a unique platform that enables the provision of a solution in fundraising for needy populations, in order to achieve an effective and maximum solution to their problems in a variety of fields.

Making every effort to provide a reliable and professional quality service, while maintaining high standards and excellence at all levels of Humanity operations, in order to ensure the donors and donated to receive a high and reliable service level.


Integrating advanced technology and creative thinking along with operating a unique methodology between the donor and the donated, with the intention of achieving maximum effectiveness in the success of raising the donation required for the donated.

Creating and increasing the social awareness in helping others, in mutual guarantee, in the importance of contributing to needy populations and in exposing a variety of populations facing different problems and in different areas.

Humanity Areas Of Activities

Humanity operates in a variety number of sectors and in many areas of activities, with the intention and willness to touch and reach most populations which face a variety of problems and enable them to provide effective and maximum assistance in raising donations to solve their problems.


Humanity works with any association, organization or individual person in many areas:

  • Population with physical disabilities and disabilities

  • Population with intellectual disabilities

  • Population with medical problems

  • Population with economic problems

  • Young persons with social and economic problems

  • Blinds and visually impaired

  • Lonely seniors' citizens

  • Violence against women

  • Holocaust survivors

  • Lonely soldiers

  • Post-traumatic warriors

  • Bereaved families and victims of hostilities

  • Soup kitchens

  • Animal cruelty

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How Does It Work?


Humanity implement advanced technology and creative thinking along with building a unique methodology between the donor and the donated, with the intention of achieving maximum effectiveness in successfully raising the required donations for the donated, and these are the number of steps in the campaign that are being carried out:


Defining a personal donation goal for each recruiter in Humanity unique technological system - each recruiter sets an initial donation goal in which he estimates that he can meet the number of potential donors he estimates and believes he can raise in the campaign.

Each recruiter is issued a link to a personal page in Humanity unique technology system and he transfers it to the list of potential donors he is interested in recruiting for the campaign.

Each donor who donates for the campaign is registered on the recruiter's personal page (under his name or anonymously) and his donation accumulates to the amount of the recruiter's donation.

Humanity unique technology system manages the entire campaign in a way that at any given moment you can see the fundraising goals versus the actual fundraising and the donations.

Each recruiter can see at any given moment and in real time the amount of the donations he has managed to raise, who are the donors that he has managed to raise (assuming they have donated anonymously), and whether he meets the donation target he has set or wants to change.

Humanity together with the manager of the association or with the donated, will decide about the end date of the campaign in accordance with the campaign plan set, against the actual results, and a summary of the campaign will be made and compliance with its goals will be advised by Humanity team.


For donation please enter into the campaigns area in our web site and choose the campaign that you would like to make your donation

The vision and lines which drive Humanity are the will to help and assist any person wherever he is, anywhere, with any problem, and provide a solution that will help to live a better and adequate life.

Humanity has developed an innovative methodology for fundraising campaign that works actively and enables any association, organization or individual person who needs help to raise donations by making personal and direct contact with the donated and enables the creation of a campaign that is personally tailored made, in order to enable to raise the donations in the most effective ways.


So, how does it work?

Humanity team makes direct or indirect contact with the manager of the association or directly with the donated. An in-depth characterization of the association's area of ​​activity is carried out, together with an understanding of the association's needs. The needs of the association or the donated are defined. These needs will be the main themes of the fundraising campaign for the association or the donated.

Humanity together with the manager of the association or the donated defines the number of potential fundraisers that can be require for the benefit of the campaign. The recruiters are usually: The donated  (according to their ability), The Family of the donated, volunteers in the association and its employees.

Relevant and professionally marketing materials are prepared for the fundraising campaign.

The campaign is launched together with the recruiters who receive detailed training which advise how to raise donations from the social and family circles close to them, and how to contact potential donors by: phone calls, emails, text messages, uploading posts on social media and more.

The campaign will be managed, monitored and will contain several important elements for the success of fundraising:

  • A dedicated campaign name will be selected

  • Main needs of the association and the donated for whom the donations are raised will be defined

  • A defined schedule of the campaign will be delineated

Humanity believes that it is very important for the donor to know that his donation reaches the persons to whom he is donating, and that his donation is used for the defined need only and not for other needs. Therefore, at the end of the campaign and when the actual fundraising goals are completed, a personal update will be made to each donor , so that the donor can see the actual use of his donation and how it improved the donated life thanks to his donation.

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